Meet Damon Rallis

Damon is a proud North Fork native and the descendant of one of Southold’s founding families. An employee of the Town of Southold since 2001, he has vast experience in our town’s government, its laws, and its history. He is well-versed in planning, zoning, and building, with expertise in both local codes and state building codes. Throughout his career as a civil servant, Damon has been involved in policy-making decisions, as well as code creation, code enforcement, code interpretation, and general public service.

In addition to his work in local government, Damon is an award-winning journalist and former newspaper editor. Following a ten-year run at local weeklies as a beat-reporter and editor, he chose a new career path in civil service, but continued to pursue his passion for writing. Applying all of his prior experiences, he freelanced for various magazines, newspapers and online publications. In the years that followed he would delve into the promotion and marketing of musicians and small businesses.

Damon has made a name for himself in the web development community as well, first building websites and managing online marketing campaigns, and later joining a local web development firm where he was immersed in all facets of online publishing, including sales, design, content management, SEO and more.

Since 2007, Damon has continued to freelance for various individuals and companies. In that same year he began a new creative writing project using the moniker, “The Six-Fingered Monkey.” Those stories were featured on what would become a well-recognized humor website of the same name. In 2013, he shut down that project to focus his attention on his career in public service. Though he continues to serve a number of clients in a freelance capacity, most of his creative efforts are now focused on bettering his community.

In 2015, Damon was nominated by the Southold Town Democratic Committee to run for the position of Southold Town Supervisor. Although he lost that election, Damon made a strong showing with 35 percent of the vote. 

Damon continues to remain active in the Democratic Party and currently serves as both a member of the Southold Town Democratic Committee and as co-president of the Southold Town Democratic Club.

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