Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Officer

In January 2008, Damon left his position as plans examiner to become the Town of Southold's sole code enforcement officer, working with a team of New York State-certified code enforcement officials in the Southold Town Building Department.

Prior to taking over the role of code enforcement officer in Southold Town, code enforcement was a division of he Southold Town Attorney's Office. In negotiating the terms of his new title, "Zoning Inspector," Damon insisted on bringing code enforcement under the umbrella of building, planning, and zoning in an effort to rid the job of unfair political influence that had plagued the code enforcement division for years.

With the blessing of the town board, Damon helped to revamp code enforcement in hopes of creating a level playing field for all residents of Southold Town, regardless of their political affiliation or social status. During his time as zoning inspector the town instituted new policies for in-house complaint reporting; inter-office cooperation and accountability; a sense of teamwork among all building, zoning, and planning officials; a commitment to voluntary compliance whenever possible; and strong legal ramifications for code violations when absolutely necessary.

Damon's proudest moment in code enforcement came when he convinced the Southold Town Board to include language in the town code that mirrored the New York State Code with respect to property maintenance. This code amendment gave the town the ability to clean up blighted properties across the Southold (most of which were abandoned and in foreclosure) and held big banks and mortgage companies responsible for clean up costs.

While working in code enforcement, Damon expanded his institutional knowledge of the town code, as well as his knowledge of the various offices, boards, and committees of Southold Town, as well as various state and county agencies. During his time as Zoning Inspector, Damon also worked closely with the Southold Town Police Department, Southold Town Justice Court, and the Office of the Southold Town Attorney.

Being the town's only code enforcement officer was both difficult and stressful for Damon, especially during a challenging point in his personal life. However, it was still a rewarding experience.

Unfortunately, the town's initial commitment to fair and balanced code enforcement slowly eroded over time. Damon was faced with many difficult decisions and hurdles as political motivations and favoritism were once again forced upon the job. There were many cases that Damon refused to pursue or participate in due to his own personal moral and ethical concerns. As a result, he was ultimately asked by the Southold Town Board to resign from his position, which he did in January, 2013. 

He has been working as a plans examiner ever since.

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