On April 14, 2014 Damon Peter Rallis married Joanna Richardson Land, of Mattituck.

Although Joanna and Damon grew up together on the North Fork, graduated from high school the same year, and shared many mutual friends, the pair would not cross paths until a cold February night in 2010.

Together, the couple found strength in each other as they journeyed on a path to sobriety and spirituality.

It is both Damon and Joanna's second marriage.


Damon Peter Rallis is the proud father of two young men, Destin and Luca.

Although he lives in Southold with his second wife, Joanna, and his boys live in Greenport with their mom, Damon spends every weekend with his children.

Damon also participates in numerous activities with his boys including the scouting program, sporting and school events, and activities at church.

Regardless of where his professional life and public service takes him, Damon is always careful to ensure that his family comes first, above all else.

Damon's Family History

Around these parts, it is no secret that the rules for calling oneself a "North Fork native" are pretty stringent. So, let's get this out on the table right now --Damon Peter Rallis was not born on the North Fork!

Now, for the most conservative, this may disqualify him, but it is important to note that he comes from a long line of hardworking, born and bred North Fork natives, and he has been blessed to have spent most of his life here in beautiful Southold Town.

Born in Augusta Georgia on September 29, 1974, to Stephen Lane Rallis and Charla Elaine Leden, Damon spent the first few years of his life in his father' hometown of Rutland Vermont. By the age of three, Damon and his mother were living in her hometown of Greenport, NY, where Damon remained until he left for college, in 1992.

Damon with his late uncle Jeffrey Earle Leden

Damon was raised by his grandparents, Charles M. Leden and Doris Carol Baker Leden, in the family home in Eastern Shores,on the north side of Greenport, in Southold Town. Charles Leden (aka Oily) was a beloved figure on the North Fork as the owner and operator of Earle W. Baker Fuel Products, which was previously owned by Carol's father.

Charles Leden was the son of Frank Leden and Natalie Fenwick Leden. He grew up in a small house on the north end of Carpenter Street in the Village of Greenport. Damon often recalls fond memories of spending time with his great-grandparents in that same home, sipping iced tea on the back porch with Nana Leden and walking to Razzles for ice cream with his Grandpa Leden.

Frank's father (Damon's great-great grandfather), Captain George Washington Leden, is buried in Stirling Cemetery, in Greenport. Damon recently traced his roots to the North Fork's earliest settlers.

Aside from French and German ancestry on his mother's side, Damon is quite proud of his Greek heritage from his father's side. Although he never had a relationship with his father, Damon is always looking for new information about his Greek roots so that he may share them with his own children.

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