"I have hired Damon as a copywriter for multiple projects. Damon is organized, efficient, extremely competent, his communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. I highly recommend Damon he will be a valuable asset for any organization." - PJ Farrell, Workforce Transformation Specialist, Vestrics

In 2001, Damon Rallis left the newspaper industry for good and took a job as a plans examiner in the Southold Town Building Department. Although he had his sights set on a new career path in public service, he could not shake the nagging feeling that he had left behind something that he was meant to do.

Applying all of his prior experience, Damon began freelancing for various magazines, newspapers, and online publications, and joined in other related business ventures. In the years that followed, he began working on a freelance basis in the promotion and marketing of musicians and small businesses.

Damon also made a name for myself in the web development industry, first building websites and managing online marketing campaigns for select clients and, later, joining a local website development firm where he once again had a hand in all facets of the publishing industry, including sales, design, content management, content creation, search engine optimization, and more.

Damon Rallis has worked autonomously since 2007, freelancing an array of services to various individuals and companies, and continues to do so today.


You can learn more about Damon's resume and work history by connecting with him on LinkedIn.