The Six-Fingered Monkey

"Damon's unique point of view and ability to see humor in just about any situation are showcased in his writing. I always find myself looking forward to his next post - whether it be about his adventures as a cabbie, sharing tender stories about his amazing boys, or just a crazy random story. Having known Damon for many years, his blog is completely a reflection of the smart, funny, irreverent guy he is."     - Brenda Brush, Assistant Principal at Julian Curtiss Magnet School of World Languages

Writers write and, when writing is your passion, you just can't escape it.

In 2007, having spent his entire journalistic career writing about other people,  Damon Rallis decided to take a stab at something more creative. With the growing popularity of online blogs, he turned his attention to the Internet in an attempt to self-publish a collection of alter-ego style essays and did so under the moniker, The Six Fingered Monkey.

Initial works from the The Six Fingered Monkey were originally published through the now-defunct North Fork Parents and North Fork Bloggers websites, but had gained enough popularity that he created The Six Fingered Monkey website in August of that year and it quickly became a well-recognized humor blog, winning countless awards and recognition from his peers.

The true writer knows that writing can be a therapy of sorts and that is exactly what The Six Fingered Monkey was for Damon. In the years that followed, the creative stories published there helped him through one of the most challenging periods of his life. Damon wrote essays about his struggles with alcohol, the deaths of close family members, the demise of his first marriage, and his commitment to learn how to become the father that his children deserved. Throughout all of those stories, regardless of the subject matter, he managed to weave in a uniquely dark sense of humor and a determination to hold on to hope for a better tomorrow.

In 2013, Damon shut down that project to become more focused on his career in public service.

The stories that Damon published as The Six Fingered Monkey were evocative exercises in raw emotion and were, more often than not, described as uplifting, touching, and beautiful. Some stories, on the other hand, touched on mature subject matter that was meant to shock, amuse, and even annoy the reader. 

It was a creative writing project that, in the end, helped Damon to find his true voice and calling.

"Insanely good, uncensored, off-the-cuff, real writing by a real person. This guy isn't all hot air and candy kisses (though there is plenty of that - in a good way). Damon Rallis, Blogger Extraordinaire, is intelligent, quick-witted and writes a blog choreography sent from above... or down below depending on his mood... . It's never the same thing twice - with one exception: his love of the written word is immense, his audience is growing and his online voice is unique, undaunted and wildly expressive in a way that almost makes you not want to look but you do any way. Like rubbernecking an accident on the freeway. Stop at this one. Read it all. When you get to the end, do a U-turn and come back and do it again." - D. Jennifer Dawson, Writer/Editor

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Damon still manages to be occasionally funny.