Meet The Candidates Speech – June 16, 2017

(Original text version of Damon Rallis’s speech at the Southold Town Democratic Club’s “Meet the Candidates Breakfast”, held at Hellenic Restaurant, in East Marion, on June 16, 2017)

My name is Damon Rallis and I am running for Southold Town Assessor

Please excuse my attire, I have been washing cars all morning at the Boy Scout Troop #51 Car Wash fundraiser, which is happening as we speak, at Greenport High School and will be going on until noon for anyone who wants to get their car washed for a good cause, on their way out of town.

A little bit about myself: I live in Southold with my wife Joanna who is here with us today. I have two boys, Destin, 9, and Luca, who is 12, although Luca will turn 13 in a few weeks and he is with us this morning as well.

I mentioned the boys scouts; I am Scoutmaster for Troop #51 here in Greenport, I am also a Den Leader with the Cub Scouts; I am a member of Peconic Lodge #349 of Free and Accepted Masons; and I have been working inside town hall for the last 16 years.

A little bit about this year’s Assessor’s race: There are two openings on the Board of Assessors and three candidates vying for those seats. However, only two of the candidates are truly qualified – One, is the Republican incumbent, Kevin Webster, and the other is me.

What makes me most qualified for this position?

Every day for the last 16 years I have reviewed the building plans, the property files, and the records that are the basis for your property assessment.

Every day for the last 16 years, I have used the same tools, the same software programs, the same mathematical equations that the Assessors use on a daily basis.

Every day for the last 16 years I have worked with property owners, real estate professionals, attorneys, and business owners, fostering established working relationships with individuals who regularly do business with the Assessor’s office.

The Building Department and the Assessor’s office are so intertwined.

This is a “no-brainer”.

Short of an incumbent, you will not find a more qualified candidate. You will not find a candidate that can bring to the table the institutional knowledge necessary to fulfill the duties of Southold Town Assessor.

This year, as Democrats, let’s send a message.

Let’s send a message that, when it comes to our local government, when it comes to who we choose to lead our community, that, experience matters.

Thank you and thank you for giving me this opportunity.