Plans Examiner

Plans Examiner, Town of Southold

Damon Rallis was first hired as a plans examiner for the Town of Southold in July, 2001.

It is the position that he currently holds today.

As a plans examiner, Damon reviews building permit applications for local and New York State code compliance. He is charged with reviewing and issuing building permits and notices of disapproval, on behalf of the Southold Town Building Department. Damon works closely with local attorneys, real estate professionals, architects, engineers, and the general public, to guide them through the permitting process, the town code of the Town of Southold, and New York State Building Codes.

His work as a plans examiner has also given him the opportunity to work closely with the Southold Town Board, the Southold Town Board of Assessors, the Southold Town Board of Trustees, the Southold Town Zoning Board of Appeals, the Southold Town Planning Department, and the Southold Town Historic Preservation Commission, as well as with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, The Suffolk County Board of Health, and the New York State Department of State's Office of Planning and Development.

Damon says that it is his work with property owners in the Town of Southold that has been most rewarding, as he helps them to balance their own needs with the rules and regulations that govern our town and the great state of New York.

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